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San Diego , California 




Habitat Wetlands Education and Research Center  combines education and leisure for visitors. A research center located west of the project allows its visitors to both learn about the marsh and experience it as well, elevated walkways invite visitors to walk around the reclaimed natural recreation to experience the marsh, Vistors can also be accommodated in the centers guest housing. Mission bay high school is across the street from the research center and makes the center available to high school students. East of the research center is the mission bay park. The park has many activities for both children and adults. Children can play in the natural play area using nature as a playground or use the adventure play area, which has more challenging games. Adults can go to the museum to educate themselves on the native Indians that once called mission bay home or go to the art instillation area to view local artist’s masterpieces. Visitors can shop at a farmers market or look around at the retail space provided. Visitors can take a stroll around the park or on the island, running tracks and bike lanes are available for enthusiasts. North of the park is the golf course, 60 acres fitted nine holes and a large golf club. Next to the golf course is the sports area. The sports area has two soccer pitches, six basketball courts, and 12 tennis courts. South of the sports is the mission bay RV park. The RV park can accommodate 99 RV’s. Commuters will be able to enjoy their RV and use park facilities to make their stay more memorable.


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